Prasad B Dhuri

With HBL since 9 + years

HBL Global has given me wings to explore the new opportunities and provided me the platform to enhance my skills and knowledge.

The working environment is very positive and the hardwork put in to achieve business targets gets recognized through payment of excellent incentives to the employees.

I have completed 10 years in this organisation & I am very fortunate to be part of this wonderful organisation where ideas from each and every member are accepted in a positive manner.

Dhaval Ashokbhai Vasant

With HBL since 7+ years

I joined HBL Global in 2007 and my journey of working with HBL Global since 7 years has been an excellent one. The work environment is friendly and employees are considered as stakeholders and not merely an employee of the organisation. New ideas are encouraged for growth and development. Short training courses are conducted to strengthen our skills and update our knowledge. The company rightly boasts of its track record of providing a competitive platform for its employees while maintaining the principle of team work and congenial co-existence of its employees. It follows a healthy practise of rewarding target achievement by paying lucrative incentives, thereby acknowledging employee’s contribution. Consideration for employees and their welfare is an important aspect of the company policy.